Hikers on the Presqu'île Ste Margerite in Landéda


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Accessible all year round, the Pays des Abers' hiking trails offer a wide range of the best that nature has to offer. Depending on your mood, the energy of the day and the weather, there's always a walk to take, ideal for doing your body and mind a world of good! 

Back to basics, loops along the abers

Pack your bags (and your walking sticks) and head for the Abers! From the aber, along the river or close to the old stones... It's a real health walk for you!

Lake Bourg-Blanc
Testimonial: Philippe, Sunday walker

C’est à la retraite que j’ai commencé à m’accorder du temps en extérieur. Je ne suis pas un grand sportif, alors la marche m’a semblé être l’activité idéale. Depuis 5 ans maintenant je sillonne les sentiers, en fonction de mon humeur et de la météo. Les paysages ne sont jamais les mêmes, on découvre toujours un petit détail qui nous avait échappé la première fois, et en marchant on se vide la tête. J’ai un faible pour le lac de Bourg-Blanc, avec mon petit-fils sur les épaules, on essaie de reconnaître le chant des oiseaux au printemps. Et pendant les grandes marées, une échappée sur l’estran me fait me sentir tout petit, loin des contrariétés et proche de la nature.

On the Rand'Abers 6

Plouguerneau, towards the sea and lighthouses

The silhouette of Lanvaon in the countryside, then the red lantern of Île Wrac'h in your sights. After the iodized air, we head for the Aber Wrac'h river. The dense foliage of the trees and the surprises along the way.

Curiosity is aroused, in search of Pierre Chanteau's ceramic eye, the cove nicknamed " Hawaï " and the charming Traoñ chapel, as close as possible to the stream that winds its way through the countryside.

Aber Wrac'h at its source

On one side, the Celtic Sea, on the other a freshwater spring. These are the waters that feed Aber Wrac'h. As you make your way upstream, the paths become more discreet, threading their way through meadows and small woods.

Curious onlookers should head for Le Diouris, some 30km from the river mouth, where it's still hard to believe that this discreet river feeds the longest aber in Finistère!

Hiking in the Abers

Discover the Rand'Abers 1

For the pleasure of walking or for a jogging outing, the Rand'Abers 1 takes you along the banks of the Aber Benoît.

Sandbanks are revealed at low tide, birds nibble at the banks and the country air envelops you.

A new face, between sea and river, for a 3-hour walk full of surprises.

Watch the video on L'Aber Benoît at low tide

On the banks of the Aber Benoît

Aber Benoît is the ideal place to discover a particularly privileged environment.
The GR®34 allows you to observe herons, tadornes de Belon, egrets and wild geese on the seagrass-covered waves.

Alexandre Lamoureux

The Langazel wetland

Our neighbors on the Côte des Légendes are home to one of the main springs of the Aber Wrac'h.
A unique natural site located at the junction of the communes of Trémaouézan, Ploudaniel and Plouédern. This protected and sensitive natural area is a real ecological powerhouse. It is home to the largest peat bog in Brittany.
An interpretive trail allows you to discover it while preserving it, and you may even spot one of the many species that inhabit its vegetation: owls, newts or the hypnotic mauve orchids.
As a reminder, peat is composed of plant debris which, for lack of oxygen, cannot decompose. The formation of this peat began over 11,000 years ago!

Saint Jaoua's chapel in Plouvien
Saint Jaoua Chapel ©Alexandre Lamoureux

Favourite heritage walks

Plouvien, in the heart of the verdant mill valley, hides many treasures. Along the water's edge, tall buildings recall the dynamic milling activity of yesteryear. Along the way, you can imagine the old millers grinding grain. Further along, you'll fall under the spell of the St Jaoua chapel and its wooded enclosure. It's like stopping time, deciphering the subtleties of the Romanesque architecture and the shimmering colors of the stained glass windows.

Have you ever seen...

A 100% granite guardhouse, even the roof? Astonishing ovens dug into the ground to cook seaweed? A forgotten necropolis beneath the sand, with preserved medieval remains? A nautical life that combines tradition and modernity? Or an open-air sculptor's studio? Here are just a few of the surprises awaiting you in Plouguerneau, near the Port du Koréjou! A 2-hour stroll through time!

Woad oven at Korejou in Plouguerneau
Seaweed oven © Alexandre Lamoureux
Sculpture on the port of Korejou
Eugénie Ragot

Little tip

For early risers! We love this early-morning, early-bird ride. The water is waking up, the yacht club is getting ready for a new day on the water and nature is even more beautiful. To motivate the troops, why not pack a big snack to nibble on a picnic table before enjoying 6 kilometers of escape?

Beniguet beach in Saint-Pabu
Alexandre Lamoureux

For a breath of sea spray

On l’appelle la perle des Abers, Saint-Pabu savoure tout au long de l’année sa vue sur mer. Ici les rives sont fleuries de massifs d’hortensias, les annexes le long du quai témoignent d’un bel esprit marin et l’évasion se poursuit au cœur d’un très beau massif dunaire et ses quelques fours à goémon. Parcours à savourer du matin jusqu’au soir, avec en bouquet final l’un des meilleurs spots pour assister au coucher de soleil. 

Sunset over the Ste Marguerite dunes
Loris Genty

The Abers nugget

The nugget of the Abers, the Ste Marguerite dune massif in Landéda, has it all. This protected natural area is home to an abundance of wildlife, from the flamboyant wild orchid to the melodious skylark.

The hilly, pedestrian-only trails offer a rhythmic ride that's anything but monotonous.

We love late-night strolls, whatever the season, because here nature is king!

Hiking on the dunes of Sainte Marguerite
The Pointe du Vil in Landéda

For a day hike

The Rand'Abers 2 is the region's most complete hike. 23 kilometers of marked trails, between wooded shores and dunes, to discover the 2 abers. A day-long micro-adventure!

For your comfort and safety, the French Hiking Federation recommends that you warm up your ankles and shoulders before setting off, because hiking is serious business! And for yourequipment:

  • - appropriate clothing to protect you from the sun and wind
  • - a backpack with water
  • - a mini pharmacy
  • - a few light snacks (dried fruit and cereal bars)

If you want to keep your strength up, there are picnic tables along the way. And don't forget your charged cell phone, in case you need it, or simply to immortalize the scenery! 

Small idea

For little walkers, the Rand'Abers 8 winds its way around Plabennec's lakes for 3 kilometers. Perfect for stretching out after a siesta, taking a quick break when you're short of time, or just for the pleasure of clearing your head.

Digital fun walk in the Vallée des Moulins
Digital fun walk in the Vallée des Moulins © Récréatiloups

Digital walk

Follow Naïg on her adventures, where historical anecdotes and fiction mingle.

All you have to do is download the free Baludik app, and you'll be on your way with curiosity and the desire to go further. For 6-13 year-olds, 2 tours to discover as soon as possible: "La Vallée des Moulins" in Plouvien and "Mais où est passé le Rara Avis?" in Landéda.

Testimonial: Valérie's family alias Récréatiloups 29

We liked...

Cette balade nous a permis de découvrir de nouveaux paysages au travers d’une balade aux contours variés, avec comme fil conducteur les moulins. Rivière, forêt, chemins de terre, nous avons arpenté la vallée des moulins sur près de 6 km en nous amusant. Les énigmes de l’enquête sont ludiques et innovantes, jusqu’à même proposer une étape en réalité augmentée. C’était vraiment un chouette moment en famille, autour d’une sortie au grand air !

The Kerivin wetland in Kersaint-Plabennec

Natural spaces accessible to all

Just around the corner from the village of Kersaint-Plabennec, where you'd least expect it, the Kerivin wetland is a veritable cocoon of nature. Essential to the balance of the local ecosystem, the flora of this natural space regulates and filters rainwater. To discover it, a 1.7 km stabilized trail is ideal for short strolls for all generations: a 100% nature trail accessible to people with reduced mobility and strollers.

To remember!

Welcome to a cradle of biodiversity: amphibians, dragonflies and butterflies flourish here. A pleasure to be rediscovered at the first signs of spring! And keep your eyes peeled for a bird's eye view of the area.

View of Lac de Bourg-Blanc

Lake Bourg-Blanc

Lac de Bourg-Blanc is a popular destination for fresh air. The area is easily accessible for wheelchairs, baby carriages and energetic little buggy riders. 2.8 kms of path, as soothing as it is green. Here, all generations meet around a pond where fish and ducks live side by side. You'll love the little wooden huts dotted along the way, where you can take a break or find shelter, because don't forget you're in Brittany!

L'étang des Korrigans

Around the lake, a special "little feet" trail is available. To discover "L'étang des Korrigans", simply download the (free!) Baludik mobile app. 

Evolve from riddle to riddle in the company of an endearing giant. 

A one-hour activity, perfect for family time for children up to 5 years old!

Read the video about Lac de Bourg-Blanc

Trail courses: take up the challenge!

To energize yourself, indulge yourself and live for the moment: trail running is THE solution! Discover a 100% nature spot, with several signposted trails taking you along the wooded banks of Aber Benoît, along the Plouguerné coastline with its granite treasures, or along a dune ridge, to put your cardio to the test. A range of routes with varying mileage, to give you a moment to yourself, but above all to enjoy the scenery!

Twelve trail routes to discover in Brest terres océanes. Between sea and countryside...