Sailing in the Pays des Abers

Setting sail

Les abers, from archipelago to river

Archipelago - Les Abers
Abers Tourism

In the heart of ancient glacial valleys

The Abers, exceptional sites

The most beautiful view is the one from the sea
Kayak - Pays des Abers
Sailing - Les Abers

To learn, to immerse yourself, to be the future Jacques Caraës

Living the seafaring life in complete safety

More than professionals, enthusiasts

Dwo nautical centers and a host of professionals enable you or your loved ones to take to the sea in complete safety. Whatever your age or level, there's always an experience to be had for a breath of sea spray. Would you like to experience a guided kayak trip or a bucolic trip to discover the Abers and its archipelago on an old sailing ship? Let your children learn the rudiments of sailing on an optimist or a multi-activity course at the "école des mousses"? Surf the waves at Grève Blanche or go kiting on Brittany's favorite spot, the Sainte-Marguerite dunes?

Here, we love the wind, we love the waves, we love the peaceful, intimate spots, and the good thing is, it's all just a click away!

Sailing in Abers
Sailing in Abers

Sailing means going somewhere!

The archipelago, Île Vierge lighthouse, oyster beds

What if taking to the sea, setting sail or paddling up a storm were a way to feast your eyes and taste buds, or simply to find a beach that's just right for you? ! In the Pays des Abers, eating oysters by boat, after skirting the oyster beds that line the shore, isn't just possible, it's recommended! ! Heading out to sea to reach Ile Vierge, accompanied by a pro, to end up climbing Europe's highest lighthouse, is a story that will have Instagram cracking, especially when you've stopped off in a white sandy cove.

Sailing in Abers
Diving - Les Abers
Seals - Les Abers

Seaweed, shipwrecks and seal encounters

Underwater, it's just as beautiful

Some say that Aber Benoît is the ultimate spot for underwater hunting in search of a sea bass or a pretty lobster. From the heights of Beniguet beach, you can understand why. !

You don't have to be a hunter to explore the seabed, with its sandy, rocky seabed and multicolored seaweed fields, where the wrecks of old boats can be seen here and there, not forgetting the terrifying Amoco Cadiz, which sank off the Portsall coast in 1978, causing an oil slick that is still remembered today. It's not the coast of shipwreckers by chance! So, strap on the bottles and set off on an adventure for a baptism or even more in the "glazed" waters. glaz "waters of North Finistère.

Underwater but not too much, discover palm trekking and set off behind the rocks of the Libenter plateau. Beware of seals in the vicinity !

Tourism - Les Abers

With wind and tide

Sailing to the rhythm of the wind and tides

Here, you don't always get to choose your destination ! Finistère and the Abers are among the places with the most impressive tidal ranges. ! The power of the water and the invigorating air invite the neo-nautical sailor to navigate with intelligence, so as not to exhaust himself in the task. You can't tame the sea, but you can understand it! ! Paddle up the Abers at high tide and sail towards the archipelago at low tide. !