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On holiday

10 good reasons to come to the Tourist Office

There are many good reasons to visit the Tourist Office... Here's a brief overview! In all modesty ...


Because our brochures, advice and good humor are free! That's useful in times of crisis!

The Tourist Office team
The travel consultant and his customers

A little extra advice

Because we're " destination experts", which means we'll give you the best possible guidance based on your profile and, above all, we'll share and " whisper" our secrets, our favorite spots: true, enlightened advice... but be warned, it has to be earned!!!!


Multilingual travel consultants

Because there are French people here who can speak English... and Spanish and Italian too! And Cathy can even speak to you in Breton.

Multilingual travel consultants
Tourist Office store

The souvenir store

Because our boutique is brimming with little wonders, unearthed by Layana. You're sure to find THE souvenir that will make a lasting impression. And if you're a collector looking for Monnaie de Paris coins, you can buy them at the Tourist Office.

Ticketing service

Because there's always something going on in the Pays des Abers or Brest terres océanes, you can book your tickets for shows, concerts, crossings to the islands or for the Récré des 3 curés, Océanopolis and much more directly with us.

Hiking on the GR 34

Hiking tips

Because we accept you with or without hiking boots, and we'll help you find the most beautiful walks with our hiking maps. 

Upcoming events

Because if you want to know what's on this weekend, next week or next month, the Tourist Office is the place to find out.

Aber Wrac'h harbour signs
Free Wifi access


Because we still retain a touch of technology, we offer you free WiFi so you can stay connected at all times, whether you want to share your latest photo on social networks, check the weather forecast or reply to Uncle Marcel's e-mail.


Because we never panic... even in the most unlikely of last-minute situations, we'll help you find hosting thanks to our regular availability check and our network of hosting providers.

Family accommodation
Tourism Quality Mark

Tourism Quality Mark

Because we're always looking for ways to improve, we're always open to good (or bad) reviews! You can leave us your opinion! And Violaine, our quality consultant, knows how to get the message across!