View of Aber Benoît


Aber Benoît, the bucolic aber

L'Aber benoit

It's a helping hand from the sea to the countryside. Aber Benoît is Aber Wrac'h's discreet little brother. To the south of Lannilis and Landéda, from its narrower mouth, you discover an arm of the sea that magnifies the river. Between lush green hillsides and farmland, it's a delight to stroll along, slowing down and savouring the peacefulness of this glaz*-toned area.

Glaz... What is it?

* Glaz: a typically Breton color that plumes the waters along the coast. It recalls the movement of the waves, the color of the sky, and the blue, green and gray tones of the interior of the Abers.

View of Aber Benoît

Benoît, the seducer!

4 reasons to fall in love :

  1. Its Devil's Rock: a charming stroll through the woods and a stop at the little kiosk on the shore. Perfectly romantic!
  2. Ultra-wooded, little-traveled trails: a one-on-one encounter with Mother Nature.
  3. Its delicacies: excellent mussels cultivated offshore and oysters matured in the gentle waters of the river for a meal to die for.
  4. Its golden mouth: sandy beaches to end the day, with an unforgettable sunset.
Maison des Abers in Saint-Pabu

Gaëlle fily

Maison des Abers

"An aber is the Breton word for estuary. More precisely, it refers to a river valley invaded by the sea 20,000 years ago. During the last ice age, the sea was much further away than it is today. The English Channel was not a sea, but a large river where the main rivers flowed: the Seine, the Thames and the Rhine. During the last global warming, the ice melted and sea levels rose. The water then flowed inland, rushing into certain valleys and forming the "abers".

Moulin Tanné in Plouguin
La vallée des Moulins - Plouguin

L'aber des moulins

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L'aber des pierres

It's good to get off the beaten track. Aber Benoît is home to the Loc-Majan chapel, with its breathtaking view over the water. A little surprise awaits you here: if you enjoy hiking in Finistère, you may have already seen these curious ceramic eyes along the coastline... Artist Pierre Chanteau has chosen the grounds of this chapel to pay homage to the people of the sea with a discreet and poetic installation. Because yes, even in the river, the marine influence is never far away!


Read the video on Vidéo Loc-Majan

A little higher up, off the coastal path, the Lannoulouarn menhir is another major surprise. This granite giant rises to a height of 6.5 m, in the middle of fields of wheat and corn. Finding it is quite a mission. But once up there, you'll be in the perfect place to enjoy the view and keep your feet on the ground!

A day along the Aber Benoît

In the early morning

The Tréglonou Bridge

We're happy to stop and get to know the area better. A hike is in order to enjoy the surrounding nature. The salt meadow vegetation makes itself at home, providing a vast refuge for birdlife: herons and egrets are right at home here. If you're lucky, the few swans that have taken up residence in the abers will give you the gift of their presence.

View of the Aber Benoît from the Tréglonou bridge
On the GR 34, along the Aber Benoît

As the water flows

The GR 34

Follow the well-marked coastal path to the edge of the woods. A shady, wooded atmosphere on the north and south shores of the aber, where running enthusiasts will be keeping a close eye on the tree roots on this winding and far from monotonous trail!

Why not punctuate your walk with a search for a geocaching spot?

Along the way

The manor house and kiosk

A short distance away, through the woods, you can stop off at the Manoir de Trouzilit. A gîte for hikers, an equestrian center and a family-run crêperie.

Tip: in July & August, Tuesday evenings come alive with the late afternoon market. Here, you can discover local crafts and fresh produce, before letting go to the rhythm of the concerts that follow.

The walk continues under the trees along the shore. The unmistakable Devil's Rock, "Roc'h en Diaoul" in Breton, stands out with its rocky overhang and small kiosk surrounded by sandbanks at low tide.

The mouth of the Aber Benoît

In Saint-Pabu

The sea mouth

Follow the coastal path or the coastal cycle route, and make a detour to the small port of Stellac'h and its colorful boats. A great opportunity to plan a diving or kayaking outing! As you pick up the trail again, you'll see the beautiful panorama of the estuary, nestled on the heights of Beniguet beach. You can immortalize the colors of the water and the hydrangea beds... And in summer, you can watch the sailors from the sailing center on Ganaoc beach take to the water. And in the evening, if you're lucky, you can take part in a small cutter regatta - what beautiful little sailboats! Enough to make you want to discover the aber by sea this time...

On the dunes

La Maison des Abers

In Saint-Pabu, facing the sea, the Korn ar Gazel dunes are home to an interpretation and mediation center open to all. Here you can discover the geological history of the Abers, learn about a fragile ecosystem and a coastline in motion. Throughout the summer, as well as during the spring and autumn vacations, a wide range of events and workshops (concerts, storytelling, star-gazing, fishing, talks...) keep the fun going and help us get to know our surroundings better.

Event organized by Maison des Abers
Sunset over the Aber Benoît

At dusk

Sunset at the dunes

After lunch, the appointment is made. We feel like kings of the world!

The aber des papilles

After this bucolic stroll, a gourmet break will be most welcome! Don't wait any longer to taste, without moderation, the "nacre des abers". This oyster, featured on the finest tables in France, is characterized by a fleshy body and a crunchy texture revealing intense aromas combining hazelnut and iodine.

The coming and going of the tides and the exchange between fresh and salt water in the Abers give seafood exceptional qualities. In addition to oysters, let yourself be tempted by a tasty moules-frites... you won't be disappointed, as the mussels of the Abers region offer a remarkable taste experience!

Focus on...

Jane Birkin and the Abers region have a long love affair! Her father, a Royal Navy officer, worked during the war years to exfiltrate British pilots with the help of local resistance fighters.

A strong attachment for the artist, who comes to recharge his batteries discreetly at his home in Aber Benoît.

Aber Benoît from the air

"At the bottom of the garden I push open the gate at the bottom of the stairs...
And there's the sea! At high tide, it laps at the last steps... Venice! I've been going out through this little door for almost twenty years...
Pause... Sitting on the low wall, watching the green boat beached on its side.
Sunbeam, cigarette... No more! The mountain of oysters has almost disappeared. I try to ricochet shells into the water like Dad did when we were little, Dolly diving like Dora, Betty diving before her..." Excerpt from "Prat ar Coum, l'huître des abers" by Patrick Cadour

Discover also

Follow our Rand'Abers trails for signposted hikes. For the whole family, geocaching and Baludik "La Vallée des Moulins" will set the pace for your discovery.

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