Lit-clo in the Île Vierge ecogîte

Become a lighthouse keeper

La Maison des gardiens de phare: an exceptional eco-lodge

Why not become a lighthouse keeper?

Virgin Island stopover

Take the boat and your gear and discover Île Vierge, your new refuge. As you become a lighthouse keeper for the day (or night) in this new setting, it's easy to get caught up in the game: scanning the horizon for ships, making the most of meals, keeping an eye on the weather and enjoying the incredible view from the top of your stone tower...

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An exceptional ecogîte

Jusqu’en 2010, l’île abrita des générations de gardiens de phare. Aujourd’hui, c’est à votre tour. Venez séjourner dans le bâti chaleureux du petit phare qui a su garder son âme d’antan.

This 150 m² house, where the immensity of the sea can be seen through the windows, can accommodate 9 people and a baby. When you open the door, you'll discover a robust yet delicate interior: whitewashed stone vaults, original granite floor tiles and refined parquet flooring.

The icing on the cake is this door, on the landing of the 4 bedrooms, which leads to the lantern, the ideal spot to enjoy a sunrise and/or sunset in the heart of this glass dome.

The former lighthouse keeper's dwelling

This accommodation brings back to life the former home of the lighthouse keepers on Île Vierge. Inhabited since 1845, this dwelling of the seas will welcome these men until 2010, year of the automation of the big lighthouse. 

Its last two janitors, Jean-Philippe Rocher and Guy Cajean, handed over the keys on October 29. They spoke to Le Télégramme about their life there: "I've invested in an exercise bike. "Not even able to get croissants in Plouguerneau with his thing," jokes Guy. So a word of advice: don't forget the croissants before you come!

A stopover to... celebrate your mother's 60th birthday, make your son's dream come true, meet up with childhood friends or simply to buy yourself a nice gift... You'll always find a good reason to come here, to share moments like no other!

Justine tells her story


Justine, a local child

When I heard we were going to sleep on Ile Vierge, it was a bit hard to believe. Of course, I'm familiar with the island - I've visited the big lighthouse, like the good Lannilisienne that I am! But that night in the lighthouse was something else! I'll always remember the beam of the great lighthouse, which I'd never seen so close up, in the heart of the night. The 4 lines of light piercing the star-filled darkness... very different from the flashing signal seen from the coast! A wonderful surprise. The guys and I realize how lucky we are to be here, alone in the world on this little piece of land. So we throw a big moules-frites into a giant pot while the kouign-amann caramelizes in the oven. Then we all head off to toast above ground in the cupola. The next morning, I'll be up very early to enjoy the sunrise. Incredible moment, incredible place.

The keys to the Lighthouse Keepers' House
Salon de l'écogîte
Ecogîte kitchen

The ecogîte

The Île Vierge ecogîte has 4 spacious bedrooms on the first floor, sleeping 2 or 3. Classic, comfortable double beds, but also enclosed beds! These imposing carved wooden furnishings, traditionally found in homes from the last century, come as a pleasant surprise. With doors to isolate you, a trunk to store your belongings and an enveloping feel that's reassuring... or not! Fear not, these 2 enclosed beds remain open, have no roof and have been enlarged for even greater comfort. Perfect for keeping an eye on the big lighthouse after dark!

Enclosed bed in the ecogîte
Steps to the dome

Love at first sight

On the landing of your rooms, a mysterious door. Open it without hesitation and climb the few steps that separate you from the Grail! The glass dome of this ancient lighthouse. The perfect spot to enjoy the sunset - and the sunrise for the bravest! Here, you can follow the coastline with your eyes, look for the lights of the surrounding lighthouses and, of course, dream away. Alone in a cocoon perched above the water!

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Book your stay at the ecogîte online. Only online. You've come to the right place, as the Pays des Abers tourist office will be your contact.

On Virgin Island
Eugénie Ragot
How do I get there?

Port de l'Aber Wrac'h: Free parking in the marina.

Pointe du Castel Ac' h: Free parking near the point, or 300 m away.

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