Family outing

Fun walks

Naïg's adventures

  • General public
  • On foot
  • 1 h to 2 h depending on circuit

Fancy a family outing?

Opt for Baludik

In partnership with the Baludik app, we invite you to let us guide you on a fun hike for a few hours. Explore the Pays des Abers and help young Naïg in her adventures.

Off the beaten track, come and walk with your family through a landscape where historical anecdotes and fiction mingle as you walk and investigate with Naig.

A terrible storm hit the Abers region while Naïg was snugly reading her favorite adventure novel. When she wakes up the next morning, she finds that everything around her has changed: she's back in her novel. For each route, discover a new chapter in Naïg's fabulous voyage to the Pays des Abers.

Available on both the app store and the google store, simply download the Baludik application and select the route of your choice on the map.

Père Jaouen's boats

But where's the Rara-avis?

In this adventure, accompany Naïg on the path to hell and help her find the sailor who has lost a precious navigational instrument in Aber Wrac'h harbor. Follow the clues and solve the many riddles along the trail to help him board his ship.
  • The game lasts about 2 hours and is 6.6 km long.
  • The route starts from the parking lot behind the tourist office in the port of Aber-Wrac'h.

Fun hike from Tariec

The Mill Valley

In this adventure, Naïg must lead the investigation to find the brigands who have stolen Plouvien's pride and joy: the famous kig-ha-farz recipe!he famous kig-ha-farz recipe!

Your mission? Accompany Naïg in her search to help her catch the bandits before it's too late... 

  • The game lasts about 2 hours and covers 6 km.
  • The route starts at the Bistro des Moulins. You can park there.

Récréatiloups has tested for you

We liked...

This walk gave us the opportunity to discover new landscapes on a varied trail, with mills as the common thread. Rivers, forest, dirt roads, we had fun surveying the valley of the mills for almost 6 km.

Children at Lac de Bourg-Blanc

L'étang des Korrigans

In this adventure, join Naïg and the giant Hok-Bras around the Korrigans' pond in Bourg-blanc.
  • The game lasts about 1 hour on a 2.5 km course, which is very accessible for all ages.
  • The route starts at the parking lot near the children's playground.

A stroll around the lake at Bourg-Blanc

Virgin Island

For a short adventure, we invite you to follow Naïg through a series of riddles to open your eyes to all those little details that make Ile Vierge a place of history and life.

  • The game lasts about 15 minutes.
  • The route starts on Île Vierge.

Practical tips for a successful outing

  • Before you leave, download the Baludik application.
  • recharge your phone before setting off on your adventure: it will be your GPS and your game book.
  • bring good walking shoes, water and a snack for hungry stomachs along the way!
  • If you are blocked, click on the padlock in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Keep to the marked paths for the Landéda and Plouvien routes.