Plouguerneau beach at low tide

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To the rhythm of the tides

To enjoy the magic of the Abers, take a closer look at the mystery of the tides! To make the most of the scenery, you'll need to find the right tide!

high beam

Feet in the water

When the sea invites itself inland, the Abers river gorges itself with water. The fresh waters of the river mix with the salty waters of the sea, and the scenery is breathtaking! On the river side, dark green water, and on the sea side, turquoise water and golden sand! Great to sail, great to contemplate! 

View of Aber Benoit from the GR34
Saint-Cava beach

Low tide

Dry feet

When the sea recedes, we turn to the mouths. Depending on the sea level, the open foreshore can be explored with boots on, or bare feet! Rocks, seaweed, shells... there's a lot to observe. In the river, the freshwater still flows and feeds the Aber bed, and these open shores provide an excellent feeding ground for birds! 

High tides

To think big

High tides are always a highly anticipated event! Imagine a gargantuan sea invading the coast. Banks heckled by the swell and the powerful crash of waves at high tide!

At low tide and in the starting-blocks, fans of foot-fishing enthusiastically head out onto the foreshore in search of iodized delicacies. To make the most of this spectacle, linger at one of the viewpoints!

Storm off Plouguerneau

Josiane, young retiree


What I like to do is compare. I often stop off near Saint-Pabu, at the Aber Benoît viewpoint. From there, you have a superb view of the river mouth. The difference between high and low tide is striking - you'd think you were in another place! Every day the landscape is a surprise, it's always surprising.