Aber Wrac'h Bay


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Climb Europe's highest lighthouse

The number of steps? Do you really want to know? It's true that the silhouette of the Île Vierge lighthouse would almost put New York skyscrapers in the shade, wouldn't it? Climbing the steps of Europe's tallest lighthouse is a bit of an effort, but we promise you that the view of the archipelago and the horizon from up there is a wonderful reward!

L'île vierge lighthouse
Walk to the islands

Walking to an island

How would you like to set off on an assault on a deserted island? Rest assured, this escapade won't turn into an episode of Koh Lanta... Every day at low tide, the nearby islets of the archipelago reveal themselves and offer you an XXL playground! Cross the foreshore in just a few minutes and enjoy a visit, an exhibition or simply the beauty of the place. But keep an eye on the tide - it's never late!

Sailing in the Abers

Port? Starboard? Or straight ahead? Sailing in the Abers is an opportunity to test your seafaring spirit, relax and challenge yourself. Whether you're sailing, rowing or motoring, you're sure to find your ideal support and the conditions to match. Are you more of a... leisurely cruise in a speedboat or old rigging through the river mouth? Kayak or paddle in the river? Regatta to Stagadon Island on a windsurfer or catamaran? And why not all at once?

Boats off Plouguerneau
Aerial view of the Sainte Marguerite peninsula

Hiking on the Sainte Marguerite peninsula

Fancy a stroll along the GR34 in the heart of a protected natural area? A Vauban island fort, secluded coves, lark-singing vegetation and a vast stretch of dunes with golden sands... Don't forget to look up to the sky, as kitesurfers levitate above you! Unless, of course, it's the color of the water!

Savor the treasures of iodine

Take the fresh, nutrient-rich waters of the Abers, add the right amount of know-how and skill, and let your sweet tooth do the rest! Any occasion is a good opportunity to enjoy seafood! This year, you'll be celebrating your birthday with a hearty seafood platter! Challenge your sister to an oyster opening! Take your other half to try abalone at the restaurant! And why not bring back a seaweed tartar for the aperitif?

Oysters - Tourism in Abers
Dunes - Pays des Abers

Walking on the dunes

Have you ever seen wild orchids? Catkins dancing in the wind? Blue thistles? Plants that smell of curry? A walk in the heart of the dune is a wonderful way of discovering the vegetation that makes it up and protects it... but it's also a hell of a lot of sand in your shoes! All you have to do is choose the right moment, from dawn to dusk, for a 100% nature break.

Up the Abers

Luxury, calm and hiking... To get to know the Abers, turn to the river. From the mouth of the river, a trip up one of these arms of the sea plunges you into a rich variety of landscapes. On foot, the GR34 and its loops reveal wooded, winding landscapes. Where marine influences give way to verdant hues. Kayaking along the water's edge, you'll find yourself close to the shore, where birds find peace and quiet, just like you.

Kayak - Pays des Abers

Going back in time

Who said curiosity was a bad habit? Here, old stones like to reveal their secrets. Stop time in front of this chapel's stained glass rose window, this abbey's intricate carpentry, this calvary's fine stonework... Observe also the remains of sleeping beauties where legends invite themselves and where the precious interpretation work of enthusiasts offers itself to you. A journey through time to feed your curiosity and spirituality.

Take a trip to Lilia, pointe du Castel Ac'h

It's time for you to enter the postcard! A myriad of submerged granite heads, colorful annexes, the Celtic Sea with its glazed reflections... All to be savored at any tide, until nightfall by the light of lighthouses and the moon. In this setting of raw, unadulterated nature, we make the walk last in this end-of-the-world atmosphere, facing the lighthouses of Ile Vierge and the mouth of Aber Wrac'h.

Port de l'aber Wrac'h

A weekend in the port of Aber Wrac'h

Welcome to a bubble. Once you've set down your belongings, you'll love the view from the semaphore gardens. From up there, you can see the granite mouth of Aber Wrac'h, its archipelago and nautical life! On the way back down, you'll find designer boutiques and gourmet shops. At nightfall, beacons and lighthouses lull you with their beams of light. Why not stay an extra day?

Follow the lighthouse route on foot or by bike

Lighthouses are springing up all over the place! Every evening, these sentinels of the sea cast their luminous eyes over the shore and the open sea to ensure safe navigation in the face of the sea's many dangers. In the Pays des Abers, move from the garden paradise of Lanvaon to the inspiring Île Wrac'h. Enjoy the archipelago view from the semaphore, or set sail for the purgatory of Ile Vierge, Europe's highest lighthouse.

Bike ride along the lighthouse route of Plouguerneau

Experience a sunset on the archipelago

After a day full of adventure and discovery, it's time to relax and daydream. That's when we settle in for a front-row seat to the most beautiful sight of the day. A sunset over the sea, punctuated by mysterious islets! With friends on a square of towel with your feet in the sand, as lovers in the semaphore park, as a family on an expedition along the foreshore at low tide... Or in good company on the terrace... Open your eyes wide, the show's about to begin!