Sunset on Virgin Island


Where to see the sunset?

Beg Monom

A little closer to the stars... Got it? Climb the imposing (and cautious!) spur of Beg Monom. There, you'll overlook the Celtic Sea, the lighthouses of Ile Vierge and the jagged coastline. This secluded point offers the best conditions for a romantic and spectacular moment!

Sunset at Beg Monom
Sunset at the Pointe du Castel Ac'h

Pointe du Castel Ac'h

After your visit to the Île Vierge lighthouse and your seafood platter, savor the change of atmosphere. The last boats return, the strollers slow down and the magic happens. Make the pleasure last and savor the lighting of the great lighthouse!

Saint Cava Beach

Facing the mouth of the Aber Wrac'h, you'll have a front-row seat to enjoy a colorful moment. At sunset, the colors of the sky and sea change in the blink of an eye. Before giving way to the luminous sweep of the Aber's lighthouses and beacons... the show goes on!

Beg an Toull viewpoint at sunset

Beg an Toull

Sheltered from the sea breeze, between sea and river, the Beg an Toull viewpoint offers a wonderful perspective for landscape lovers. The view stretches as far as the mouth of the river, and the silhouette of the wooded banks of the inlet leaves no one indifferent!

Aber Wrac'h semaphore

Nestled high above the marina, the view from the Aber Wrac'h semaphore is one of the best in the area. Up there, you stand like a lookout, gazing out to sea, ready to watch the last ships come and go as they make their way back to port before nightfall. From this wide garden, you can overlook the archipelago and not miss a moment of this beautiful moment.

Sunset stroll at the semaphore
Picnic on the Ste Marguerite dunes at sunset

Dunes of Sainte Marguerite

Looking out to sea, the Ste Marguerite peninsula and its sandy beaches are ideal for making the day last. The islets dress up the horizon, the colors set the sky and clouds ablaze, and you'll be tempted to take a dip.

Korn ar Gazel dunes

The mouth of the Aber Benoît is home to a generous stretch of dunes. The oyats dance in the wind, the sand on the beach tickles our toes and the wind our face. On summer evenings, we linger in search of shooting stars; on winter evenings, we appreciate the last rays.