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The lighthouse route

Brittany Hold to travel
Sentinels of the sea

& their secrets

Rand'Abers 6

Lanvaon lighthouse

It owes its original and surprising shape to its function of signalling the entrance to the port.

Lighthouse Route
Kayak - virgin island
Turquoise waters

Virgin Island lighthouse

The turquoise waters and seafront terraces will make you dream (ideal for a drink, oysters or crêpe). If you follow the cornice on your right, you'll be able to admire our giant of the seas, the Île Vierge lighthouse and its little brother, now transformed into an eco-lodge. Located over a kilometer from the coast, you'll have to set sail if you want to discover this exceptional site!

The Pays des Abers: let yourself be seduced

The charm of its incomparable landscapes!

The Pays des Abers will surely surprise you, charm you we hope, conquer you no doubt, with the diversity of its landscapes. A kayak outing in the Aber Wrac'h, the larger of the two abers, or a hike along the wilder Aber-Benoit, will enable you to appreciate the incomparable natural wealth of our region. And above all, you'll be enchanted by the lighthouse on Île Vierge, the highest in Europe!

Our Tops
Intense & wild to enjoy the sea air!

Discover the unspoilt nature of the region on unique outdoor family outings. A place of culture and leisure, with a wide choice of water sports and activities.

Your inspiration in the ABERS

Experience life as a lighthouse keeper!

Take to the sea!

Go hiking!

Explore Île Vierge by kayak!

The essentials for discovering the Abers

Play with the rhythm of the tides at Paluden, taste the delights of the sea in a short circuit, try a refreshing swim at Korn ar Gazel, watch the birds at rest on the river side, picnic with a view of the archipelago, give it your all on the Abers cycle route, get lost in the Ste Marguerite dunes, measure yourself against mysterious megaliths, indulge yourself with local craftsmen, create beautiful souvenirs... Now it's up to you!

Discover the end of the world, closer and more accessible than you can imagine!

The end of the world... Penn ar Bed, aptly named... here you are at the end of the earth. In this little corner of the world, you'll discover breathtaking landscapes, an immense playground for water sports enthusiasts and hikers, and a rich heritage. So don't hesitate, come and discover the Pays des Abers!

Map of the area