View of the Abers archipelago

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The Abers archipelago

The possibility of an island... What if it was you in the postcard?

The possibility of an island... What if it was you in the postcard?

Sailing in the Abers

A territory to discover

But where are the tide times? We'll help you! Click here! A word of advice: make sure you synchronize with high and low tides, so you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of the Abers. But also to answer the call of adventure on the foreshore! 

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Discovering the islands

Here, secret islands are just a few minutes' walk away, or you can take a trip out on the water for some genuine, authentic moments.

Why not take to the sea? Head for the archipelago!

Make yourself comfortable aboard a passenger launch, hoist the sails to enjoy traditional sailing or paddle to the islands in total freedom. There's something for everyone, so you can enjoy an exceptional setting!

To embark...
Child searching for clues on Virgin Island

Geocaching on the islands

The Pays des Abers abounds in caches to be discovered at the rhythm of the tides. In just a few steps, set off on an adventure with this outdoor treasure hunt.

In the dunes, along the coastal path or directly on the island in front of you: caches are everywhere!

Whether you're on your own or with the whole family, all you have to do is log on to the geocaching app to immerse yourself in this feel-good quest. What could be better than a walk by the sea? You'll have to keep your eyes peeled to find the Grail! The sea and foreshore are great playgrounds, aren't they?