The Île Vierge lighthouse as seen from the Pointe du Castel Ac'h


Our best spots

It's hard to miss the silhouette of Île Vierge when you're cruising along the Abers seafront!

The best views of the lighthouses


It's hard to miss the silhouette of l'île Vierge when you're cruising along the Abers seafront! Rest assured, from Plouguerneau to St Pabu, the glow of the great lighthouse will always be watching over you.



Can't make it to the island?

No need to panic! The island is 1.5 km from the mainland, so you can enjoy the beauty of the place from the shore: and because we're nice people, we'll show you the best spots!

Our 9 favorites

  1. From the heights of Beg Monom or Roc'h Pellgent: granite underfoot, the sea and the silhouette of the island on the horizon - magical!
  2. Pointe du Castel Ac'h: secret spot. Climb the small vegetated hill to gain a little more height. Europe's highest lighthouse is no laughing matter!
  3. The Kelerdut district: the little sheltered beach surrounded by rocks, or from the garden of the Hoalen store. A lovely view of the island and beyond!
  4. The GR34 to Pointe du Spins: an incredible route with the granite giant always close by to motivate you!
  5. Aber Wrac'h harbour: a game of hide-and-seek with a giant of the sea is possible!
  6. The GR34 on the Landéda side: head north towards the St Marguerite peninsula, keeping an eye on the lighthouse!
  7. From the foreshore at low tide: from any spot, the receding sea gives us the chance to get a little closer to the island. On certain dates, you can even reach the island on foot.
  8. In the midst of nature: the mineral landscape of the Plouguerné coast also offers some lovely surprises. We're sure you'll fall in love with the green breakthrough to the island between Kelerdut and the large rock of Bronn ar Roc'h!
  9. From Lostrouc'h to Le Rheun: Plouguerneau offers a wide range of viewpoints, and we're particularly fond of the sheltered stretch of water near this area that has been home to a number of lighthouse keepers... and it's easy to see why!

Discover our virtual tour of the Île Vierge lighthouse!

New this year, we're offering a virtual tour of the Ile Vierge site. Let us guide you...

Virgin Island lighthouses
Eugénie Ragot

So you don't miss a thing

Discover THE spot to watch the island! From the tip of Castel Ac'h, connect to the webcam to follow the lighting and extinguishing of the fire in the morning! Just like a connected lighthouse keeper! We're crazy about the night vision feature, where only the beam lights up the night.

La pointe du Castel Ac'h - Plouguerneau