Aerial view of Aber Wrac'h

Les Abers

L'aber Wrac'h, from archipelago to river

In northern Finistère, Aber Wrac'h is a great place to get away from it all, at the gateway to the Iroise Sea. Here, nautical life reigns supreme, punctuated by the tides in a setting in perpetual motion. A landscape of sandy beaches, wooded hillsides and maritime adventures that smacks of Brittany.

Sailing on Aber Wrac'h

Here you are facing a stretch of water ideally sheltered from the elements. The shores of Plouguerneau and Landéda protect this inlet from heavy swells. But you can't invent sailing! So we advise you to follow in the wake of the professionals, so that you can get as close as possible to the elements in complete safety, before perhaps setting sail!

Read the video on Sillage d'une vedette navigant sur l'aber (in French)

Little info

To make the most of sailing in the Abers, a map full of tips is available at the tourist office for kayaking enthusiasts. You'll find ideas for routes to follow, along with mileage for organizing a trip. Guided outings are also available and highly recommended!
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Little girl with her hair blowing in the wind

Catch the wave!

Hair in all directions and that little taste of salt on the lips... no doubt about it, these are the signs of a great day on the water! What's on the agenda for tomorrow? A sailboat cruise? A guided tour in a speedboat? Or why not your very first catamaran outing?

To the rhythm of the tides

Here, the rhythm of the tides is decisive for your route map. For a kayak outing, the current is a precious friend. So for your return journey, preserve your arms and the morale of the troops, by having the tide with you. What to do? If the tide is rising, it's easier to get back to the river. When the tide goes out, it's easier to find the river mouth!

At the start of a kayak trip
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Pierrot marin de l'Aber Wrac'h
Pierrot, the seafaring spirit of Aber Wrac'h

The freedom to make every day a new adventure, in an XXL natural setting. With ever-changing natural configurations: wind direction, tidal range, sky conditions... Each day offers its own surprises: when the wind swells the sails, when a big squall arrives or when a ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds and lights up Stagadon Island...

The port of Aber Wrac'h

Aber Wrac'h: a pleasant port of call

At l'aber Wrac'h, it's impossible to miss the maritime spirit of the place. Here, arrivals and departures from the pontoons set the pace for life ashore. Brave fishermen set off to brave the elements, sailors take a well-deserved break and pleasure boats get restless. So why shouldn't you? The sea can be tamed at any age, so let yourself be carried away!

Home port

Do you know the Bel Espoir and the Rara Avis? These 2 proud three-masted yachts are the protégés of the Amis du Jeudi Dimanche association. Founded by Father Jaouen, the AJD opens the doors to the world of sailing and living together to those in need. In addition to these 2 three-masts, a whole flotilla has taken up residence in the calm waters of Aber Wrac'h, hidden from view. But as soon as the opportunity arises, the crews head off wherever the wind takes them, in search of adventure and great moments of sharing. Cruises are open to all, a great way to discover life on board and support the tremendous values of this association. 

Handcrafted soap made by Secret d'Ecume in Aber Wrac'h

Crafts in the aber

Sheltered from the gale force winds, but with a front row seat to the sunsets, the inspiration of the aber's craftsmen is very much present. Here, the sea is on everyone's mind, and the heart and hands do the rest. You'll find charming boutiques showcasing local expertise: handmade soaps, watercolours, unique jewelry and ceramics filled with love... In addition to an unforgettable landscape, you'll easily find a beautiful creation to take home in your luggage.

Time to eat!

Have you heard of the Poêlée des Pêcheurs de l'Aber Wrac'h?

A gourmet specialty to share. This hearty dish features only the best of the sea. Fish, shellfish and a subtle saffron sauce. All simmered and kept warm in a small casserole dish, we take the time to savor it, always with a taste of home!  

The little port of Paluden

The tiny port of Paluden, hidden from view, takes us to the heart of a green, intimate valley with steep slopes. The height of the water ebbs and flows with the tides, and from here on up the Aber river by boat is no longer possible. So flat, silent boats are at home here. Kayaks and paddleboards are at home on the water, while the local rowing club challenges its members. Welcome to the fjord, BZH-style!

Paluden harbour in Lannilis

Up the Aber Wrac'h

As you head up the Aber Wrac'h river, this inlet becomes a little narrower with every metre. The nautical dynamism gives way to a no-man's-land where only birds seem to occupy the place. The Devil's Bridge, a medieval vestige, invites us to cross the scenery at low tide, in a landscape of small woods where the presence of a few seaweeds betrays the proximity of the sea.

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Clown wood

Here's proof that curiosity is far from a bad habit! While out hiking, a surprisingly festive and generous table took up residence in the woods. It's the "clowns' wood", just a stone's throw from the Pont du Diable on the north bank of the Aber Wrac'h. You can observe discreetly and touch with your eyes this work of art by an owner no doubt inspired by Alice in Wonderland!