Kayaking in Paluden

Les Abers

Tame the Aber Wrac'h in 6 favorites

The semaphore: the spot to be!

Just a few steps from the marina, the Aber Wrac'h will reveal all its secrets. Before your eyes, the spectacle of the islets of the archipelago, the nuanced colors of the water and the approaching boats. Turn your head and the sea gives way to a river of wooded hillsides, a veritable bubble of greenery tinged with salt water!

Aber Wrac'h semaphore
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Fort Cézon: three-hundred-year-old silhouette

When the sea recedes, we turn to the mouths. Depending on the sea level, the open foreshore can be explored with boots on, or bare feet! Rocks, seaweed, shells... there's a lot to observe. In the river, freshwater still flows and feeds the Aber bed, and these uncovered shores provide an excellent larder for birds! From the coastal path, sturdy ramparts pierce the horizon. Designed by Vauban, the fortifications of Ile Cézon dominate the mouth of the Aber Wrac'h.

The artillery tower gives the island the air of a small fortress, feeding our imaginations!

In fine weather, the Cézon association opens the (large) doors of this emblematic site. An opportunity to enjoy a view like nowhere else.

Penn Enez: the tip of the island

At the north-western tip of the Ste Marguerite peninsula, the coastal path runs alongside sand dunes and wild beaches. Here you'll find the gentle scent of the call of the sea. Opposite you, Saint Pierre et Miquelon! Closer to home, Stagadon Island and the Isle of the Cross. From this panoramic vantage point, you'll feel like you're at the end of the world, at the heart of 100% authentic nature.

Walk on the dunes of SAinte Marguerite
Nautical activities at the Aber Wrac'h Sailing Center

On the water: a front-row seat

To discover Aber Wrac'h, why not take a sail? In a kayak in the soft morning light, on a catamaran after lunch to venture towards the mouth of the river, or by boat to enjoy the sunset! The possibilities are endless, and the ever-changing setting is full of charm! 

Paluden: river side

Sheltered from the elements of the open sea, enveloped in comforting vegetation, this is the other face of Aber Wrac'h. Discreet wading birds find rest here, while walkers appreciate the calm of this little cocoon bordered by green-colored water. Boats are at anchor, a few kayakers paddle silently along the banks and the curious enjoy a moment of disconnection.

Sailing boats at Paluden in Lannilis
Abbey of Notre Dame des Anges in Landéda

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Notre Dame des Anges Abbey

Founded in 1507, the Abbaye des Anges lives up to its name. Facing the bay of the same name, just a stone's throw from the open sea, it watches over maritime life. All the buildings, including the freshly restored abbey church, cloister and orchard, have occupied this well-preserved site for over 500 years. Open to visitors in fine weather, this nugget is pampered by its owners, who are delighted to share this beautiful heritage with you.