The Abers archipelago


The Abers archipelago

Bathed by the Celtic Sea in the north of Finistère, the Abers archipelago lives happily just 30 minutes north of Brest.

Granite & salt water: welcome to the heart of the Abers archipelago!

Bathed by the Celtic Sea in the north of Finistère, the Abers archipelago lives happily just 30 minutes north of Brest.

L'archipel des abers - low tide

Get ready! Open your eyes wide:

3 excuses to venture into the archipelago:

  1. To perfect your kayak slalom technique
  2. To be at the heart of the postcard
  3. Experience the adventures of Robinson Crusoe, plus a snack! 
Pierrot marin de l'Aber Wrac'h

Pierrot's word

proud representative of the marine spirit

"Some people have the Great Barrier Reef, here it's a granite barrier!"

The Abers archipelago is :

  • A maritime adventure: the wind blows through your hair, you breathe in the sea air, and your gaze wanders. All around you, little bits of land dot the horizon, arousing your curiosity and coloring the landscape. Granite rocks, rustic green vegetation, fine sand.
  • Un écrin fragile :  certaines îles sont inaccessibles. Eloignées de la côte, dépourvues de cale, ici la nature est reine et l’accès interdit. A l’abri de notre curiosité, vestiges néolithiques et cocon ornithologique perdurent, à observer de loin !
  • Un estran généreux : accédez à l’inaccessible, c’est l’art d’être au bon endroit au bon moment ! A marée basse, étendues de sable, de roche ou de galets deviennent pour les promeneurs un lieu d’évasion et de pêche à pied. Certaines îles accueillent même les visiteurs, selon les coefficients.
Little girl by the sea

Violaine's advice,

all-terrain mom

Depending on the age of your little ones, there's sure to be an island to suit you. I'm crazy about Ile Wrac'h, with my youngest, which is easy to get to on foot at low tide. She loves jumping in the puddles along the way, and I have to admit, so do I! When they've been very good, I take my 2 older children as far as Ile Vierge. They're always so proud to have managed to climb the 383 steps! And I'll spend hours admiring the view! And here's the icing on the cake: now that my big one is comfortable with the kayak, we're off to spend the day with a picnic at Stagadon. With both of us off Aber Wrac'h, we really feel like we're at the end of the world!

5 main islands with accessible nuggets :

  • Those designed to protect our coastline: Île aux Américains and Île Cézon, home to a Vauban fort.
  • Luminous islands with lighthouses: Île Wrac'h and Île Vierge.
  • The island at the end of the world with its turquoise waters: Stagadon Island.

Did you know?

Did you know? Enez terc'h is also known in French as l'île aux américains. In January 1918, more than 400 men and 40 officers set up camp on the island. Among other things, the island served as a base for 19 seaplanes.

Le Bilou and the Abers archipelago
Le Bilou and the Abers archipelago

How to get the right equipment

An archipelago is a natural environment exposed to the elements.

On the water or on the foreshore, it's essential to be warmly equipped and to remember to warn your loved ones before setting off on your adventure.

How do I get there?

Port de l'Aber Wrac'h: Free parking in the marina.

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