Rand'Abers 11

Plouvien Plouvien
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Type Running - Trail
  • Distance 17 Km
  • Duration 4h
  • Difficulty Easy
Rand'Abers 11

About us

This hike allows you to discover the commune of Plouvien. In the heart of the Abers region, the Aber-Benoît, Aber-Benouig and Aber-Wrac'h valleys run through the commune. As you wander through the countryside, you can follow the meandering rivers, admire the chapels and calvaries or watch the birds at the Tariec bird sanctuary.

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In Romanesque style, the first chapel was built in the 11th century. At the place where the hermit Jaoua was buried, a tomb would have been raised and, around the tomb, a first wooden chapel. The current building, long and low, irregular and picturesque, would have been completed in the 16th century. The chapel was restored and enlarged in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. Here you'll discover a genuine parish enclosure:
- A former cemetery surrounded by a low wall
- The neat, triumphal entrance
- The ossuary
- The calvary
- The church or chapel
- The sacristy adjoining the chevet

Chapel of Saint-Jaoua

Before becoming a flour mill, the Moulin du Coumou was a fulling mill. Today, the mill features a small flour mill with an electricity-generating turbine and a millstone payroll. All are still in perfect working order.

Moulin du Coumou
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