Saint-Michel and Koréjou

Plouguerneau Plouguerneau
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  • Distance 5.3 Km
  • Duration 1h30
  • Difficulty Easy
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You'll discover the Saint-Michel district, once home to the seaweed industry, and the archaeological site of Iliz-Koz...

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In the past, this was the place where seaweed was stored, dried and burned. The seaweed ovens (dug into the ground) can still be found here.
The guard house is a testimony to Vauban, and was occupied in the 19th century by customs and in the 20th century by the seaweed workers. Exhibitions are held here during the summer season.

Penn Enez peninsula

It was built in 1707, where Michel Le Nobletz, father of the Breton missions, lived as a hermit in 1607 and 1608.

Saint-Michel chapel

Tremenac'h parish enclosure, parish attached to Plouguerneau at the Revolution (1792).
Between the 16th and 17th centuries, two-thirds of this parish was covered by sand, and the church was abandoned in 1729.
Excavations have uncovered the ruins of the church, presbytery and lords' chapel, and above all the cemetery, making this site an exceptional example of medieval funerary art.

Iliz-Koz archaeological site

La grève Blanche, a large sandy beach, where the Surfing des Abers surf school is based.

Dunes de la Grève Blanche
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