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Plouguerneau Plouguerneau
  • Type Cyclotourist
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 14 Km
  • Duration 3h30
  • Difficulty Easy
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Discover Plouguerneau from the town center, then head for the coast to explore the beaches and offshore islands. Then follow the Aber Wrac'h for the rest of the walk.

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In 1868, this lighthouse replaced the light on Plouguerneau's bell tower, which signalled the entrance to Aber Wrac'h harbour. The red triangle at the top indicates the entrance to the aber channel. This land-based lighthouse was considered a paradise by its keepers.

Lanvaon lighthouse

Illuminated on August 15, 1845, this little white house with its red roof is accessible on foot from Saint-Cava beach at low tide. Its flashing red light helps you position yourself in the Aber Wrac'h channel. Today, the lighthouse, which has been taken care of by the IPPA association, offers artists' residencies and an exhibition space.

Ile Wrac'h lighthouse

This charming chapel, nestled in a halo of greenery in a small valley at the head of Aber Wrac'h, is well worth a visit. This 16th-century building, restored in the 18th century, is a haven of peace. Outside: a magnificent triumphal arch dating from 1738, a calvary dating from 1511, a fountain whose water flows through a "linen hole" and a wash-house before flowing into the Aber Wrac'h.

Notre-Dame du Traon chapel
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