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Why take advantage?

Discover a unique site in Finistère! Légende de train offers an animated model train show.

The train network is almost 20 m long. It consists of a succession of different sections: industrial zone, big city, snow-capped mountains, village, airfield. Magnificent scenery, entirely handcrafted by volunteers, immerses visitors in a world close to reality.

Many of the nearly 300 models are animated, and the houses are illuminated, giving the city a highly realistic look at night.

A sound and light show lasting almost 30 minutes is offered to the public.

You can see an old funicular in action, the Ferris wheel at the funfair coming to life, factory chimneys smoking, hot-air balloons taking to the skies, the mill, the merry-go-round in action, and a superb cable car in operation. In short, a whole miniature world comes to life before the eyes of visitors.


The lights go out, plunging visitors into semi-darkness: the show can begin!

The miniature village awakens: models come to life, trains start rolling, factory chimneys smoke, vehicles move, funiculars and cable cars start up, hot-air balloons soar into the sky, etc... The story of this animated village is told for almost 30 minutes, with light effects and music.

Spoken language(s)

  • French
  • English

We like

Ideal for : Heritage, Rainy weather, with friends, with children, retired people
Suitable for : educate myself
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Base rate

under 6: free


Means of payment

  • Payment cards
  • Bank and postal cheques
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Opening hours

Open during school vacations in all zones

Models - aeromod.

Trains legend

22 Rue de Lannilis
29880 Plouguerneau
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