Fest-Noz #9

Fest-noz #9

Why experience this event?

Ampouailh, O'Tridal, Impérial Gavotte Club. Fest-noz for all.
Ampouailh: The five musicians of Ampouailh weave a modern musical texture while remaining faithful to their essential convictions: dance, exchange and transmission.
O'Tridal: O'Tridal is an inventive and unclassifiable trio. The fact remains, however, that Breton music is the source of their inspiration. In seven years, these three friends have made a name for themselves on the Breton music scene. A must-see!
Impérial Gavotte Club: A rather unique group in the fest-noz musical landscape, Impérial Gavotte Club nevertheless brings together four "old" fellow travelers who have been making a name for themselves on the festoù-noz scene for a long time!



- 12 years: free
Full price: €7


  • January 27, 2024 at 8:30 pm

Fest-Noz #9

Espace culturel Armorica 1 Rue du Colombier
29880 Plouguerneau
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