Prad-Paol chapel

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Chapel of prad Paol

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Rectangular building from the 16th century
Restored in the 20th century

Small ancient chapel dedicated to Saint Pol Aurélien, probably in memory of his passage between Tréglonou and the Ile de Batz. Legend has it that he caused three springs to gush forth, striking the ground three times with his stick. Another version evokes a decapitated dragon whose head bounced three times before Pol Aurélien buried it under the cross of Pont Krac'h, or Devil's Bridge, some 300 meters from the chapel.

There are three springs: one under the chapel, another in front of it, and the third in the meadow beside the road.

The site is rich in Gallic stelae. Of the two in front of the chapel, one has been stolen, while a third has been Christianized at Rann-ar Groas.

Prad Paol is a blend of Celtic and Christian religions, with the passage from one to the other through the appropriation of water and stone worship.

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Historic sites and monuments

Prad-Paol chapel

Lieu-dit Prad Paol
29880 Plouguerneau
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