Les pieds dans l'eau Sainte-Marguerite beach in Landéda

In the family

Our Tops

The Pays des Abers is the ideal destination for family vacations! There's a fabulous playground for every age group, and just about anything is possible... or almost.

Like a fish in water!

Putting your head under the water without being afraid, putting on your surf suit faster than your shadow, perfecting your rowing technique in the river, understanding the direction of the wind aboard an old sailing ship... Seeing the smile on your parents' faces 🙂 All this and much more: the magic of water activities is above all a family affair!

Fun learning

Safari in the dunes, fishing with boots, making a herbarium with seaweed, observing plankton through a microscope, theater or drawing workshops, company visits... and why not a kouign-amann workshop? For young and old alike, the workshops on nature and good things are to be enjoyed without moderation!

Explore nature

In the shade of the trees in the valley of the water mills, on an island, by the sea and river or around a lake... Choose the adventure that captivates you and follow little Naïg on the Baludik app or go treasure hunting with the Géocaching app!

Nature treasure hunt
Family hikes on the GR 34

Hey ho, hey ho, we're going hiking!

For short walks suitable for little feet, think of the hiking loops! Several one- to two-hour circuits let the whole family enjoy the great outdoors. Our favorite: short stroller-friendly walks for baby's enjoyment.


Helmet: check! Water bottle: full! Strong calves: we'll see! Here, two well-marked cycle routes offer adventure for young and old alike.

The Abers cycle route: a bucolic atmosphere from the port of Aber Wrac'h to Brest. Ride up the Aber Wrac'h river in the shade of the trees, in the middle of the countryside, and cuckoo for the cows!

The coastal cycle route: ride along the coastline, work on your cardio with a bit of a climb, but enjoy the beautiful panoramic views over the Abers and approach the beaches, for a well-deserved break!

Preparing for a bike ride
Gourmet break on the beach

Eyes bigger than stomachs

It's hard to get your head around anything! And that's just as well, since the delicacies here are many and varied!

Kouign-crêpes, artisanal ice creams and chocolates made in Pays des Abers are sure to please the sweet tooth.

Seaweed tartars, local ewe's milk cheeses or fish & seafood will seduce others.

And if you're looking for a good picnic table or a nice place to have a snack, we've got it all!

The Grail: the media library!

Fancy an evening of board games? Listening to stories with your baby? Let your teenager play video games? Or simply borrow some books during your stay? Think of the local media libraries, a goldmine for children and parents alike!

At the media library